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Peerless Articulating Dual Arm with Vertical Adjustment PLAV70

Peerless Articulating Dual Arm with Vertical Adjustment PLAV70

Dimensional Diagram for Articulating Dual Arm Vertical Adjustment PLAV70

Dimensional Diagram for Articulating Dual Arm Vertical Adjustment PLAV70

Peerless Articulating Wall Arm

Designed to handle the heaviest screens, the PLAV70 features dual-arm, all-steel construction that holds LCD LED screens up to 71" and weighing up to 200 lb. The PLAV70’s self-lubricating bushings enable your screen to smoothly articulate, while adjustable tilt and pivot allow you to position your screen for the optimal viewing angle. Swing, tilt and extend your plasma or LCD screen, even in and out of recessed cubby holes and custom frames with the vertical adjustment feature that provides the capability to raise or lower your screen for a perfectly aligned installation.


  • For 42" to 71" plasma and LCD LED flat panel screens

  • Innovative and exceptional functionality

  • Roll feature allows for easy screen leveling

  • Flods flat against the wall

  • Cord management keeps cords organized and out of sight

  • Comes in black or silver

Product Information

Model Numbers

PLAV70, PLAV70-S (base models)

PLAV70-UNL, PLAV70-UNL-S (universal security models for 42" - 60" screens)

PLAV70-UNLP, PLAV70-UNLP-S (universal standard models for 42" - 60" screens)

Product Specifications


  • Dual-arm construction

  • Anti-lockout feature prevents joint binding

  • +/-1" vertical adjustment located within reach behind screen

  • +10°/-5° tilt

  • Up to 180° pivot

  • +/-7° roll to level screen horizontally at any position

  • Screen-specific models extend out to 30.7", retracts to 4.5" (plus thickness of required adapter plate)

  • Universal models extend out to 31.8", retracts to 5.6"

  • Snap-cover cord management and mesh cord sheaths

  • Mounts to two wood studs or concrete (accessory required)

  • Universal models adapt to screens with up to 28.7" wide x 17" high mounting inserts

Load Capacity

200 lb (90.7 kg)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Closed Extended

PLAV70: 33.5" x 21.7" x 4.5" 20.3" x 21.7" x 30.7"

(62.5 x 55.1 x 11.4 cm) (51.6 x 55.1 x 79.2 cm)

PLAV70- 33.5" x 21.7" x 5.6" 30.75" x 21.7" x 31.9"

UNL(P): (78 x 55.1 x 14.2 cm) (78.1 x 55.1 x 77.5 cm)

Product Weight

PLAV70: 50.5 lb (22.9 kg)

PLAV70-UNL(P): 63 lb (28.6 kg)


Scratch resistant fused epoxy


All Steel

Available Colors

Black: PLAV70, PLAV70-UNL(P)

Silver: PLAV70-S, PLAV70-UNL(P)-S


Multi-channel speaker mount (MSA-101)

Wire management channel (ACC924/ACC926)

PLP model adapter plates

Concrete fasteners (2 x ACC204)


Patent Pending

Package Specifications

Package Contents

PLAV70: Articulating arms, wall plate, mesh cord sheath, snap-cover cable channels and mounting hardware

PLAV70-UNL(P): Articulating arm, wall plate, mesh cord sheath, cable ties, universal adapter plate, mounting and screen attachment hardware

Package Size ( L x W x H )

PLAV70 and PLAV70-UNL(P): 34.69" x 23.63" x 8" (88.11 x 60 x 20.3 cm)

Package Ship Weight

PLAV70: 58.6 lb (26.6 kg)

PLAV70-UNL(P): 72 lb (32.7 kg)

Package UPC Code

PLAV70: 735029243199

PLAV70-S: 735029244783

PLAV70-UNL: 735029243359

PLAV70-UNL-S: 735029243366

PLAV70-UNLP: 735029243373

PLAV70-UNLP-S: 735029243380

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Installation Sheet

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Model PLAV70 or PLAV70-S
Manufacturer Peerless Mounts
Part Number PLAV70 or PLAV70-S
UPC 735029243199
Mounting Options Full-Motion/Swing Wall
Screen Size 31-45" in
Screen Size 46-60" in
Screen Size 61" and larger in
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