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  • Secure POS mount for iPad
  • Compatible with iPad 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Mount available in 2 models 7-12", 7- 24" height from counter 
  • iPad holder comes with a lock and key to prevent theft.

Description of Innovative 9189-12-8424 Secure iPad Desk Mount:

The Apple iPad a popular choice in self-service and kiosk applications. However, the iPad's compact size and mobility creates a theft and security risk.  To solve that problem, Innovative created the Secure iPad Mount, a sturdy steel enclosure for the iPad. Combined with our 9189 POS mount, you are able to securely position the iPad wherever you need it, without fear of theft. Internal cable management makes this an ideal mount for POS installations.

This model allows the user to access the 'home' button. If this is not desired, please see our model 5507-8424-NHB which blocks home button access.

Features of Innovative 9189-12-8424 Secure iPad Desk Mount:

    1.  Secure mount prevents theft or damage to Apple iPad.

    2.  Access to home button of iPad is allowed.

    3.  Mount quickly adjust monitor height from 7 to 12" above counter.

    4.  Pivot and turn monitor - lock monitor in place if desired.

    5.  Internal cable routing - cables pass through counter, remaining out of view.

    6. Mount is not secure.



Accommodates all iPad models


Model 9189-12-8424
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number 9189-12-8424
Mounting Options POS
Monitor Arm Types Tablet
Device Apple
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