$208.15 USD
104 - Vista Black
124 - Silver
232 - Line White


Description of Innovative 8138:

Sturdy large keyboard platform with room for keyboard and mouse. Adaptable for left- or right-handed users. Requires 8131 Keyboard Adapter.

Features of Innovative 8138 Keyboard Platform:

  •  8138 is 27.5" wide, has a mouse pad and a wrist rest. Shipping Dimension: 31" x 19"     x   8".
  •  Independent rotation & pivot between monitor and keyboard tray.
  •  Requires 8131 Keyboard Adapter (included with 9140 data entry arm).
  •  Combination mouse tray adapts for left or right-handed users.
  •   You can retrofit it into any arm, however it requires the 8131-52-10- back adapter.

Innovative 8138 Left or Right-Handed Keyboard Platform

Innovative 8138 Left or Right-Handed Keyboard Platform


  • Keyboard tray with wrist rest and space for mouse
  • 27.5" wide, 11" deep
  • Move mouse pad for left hand users, right hand users
  • 8131 keyboard adapter required to be added to any monitor arm
  • Rotate, pivot monitor and keyboard tray independent of each other 
  • Looking for a keyboard tray, monitor arm combo?




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