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Corner Sleeve fits desks 1" to 1.5" thick, 16" diameter


Corner Sleeve fits desks 1.5" to 2.5" thick, 16" diameter

Increase desk space and keyboard accessibility by turning a 90-degree desktop corner into a diagonal corner. Compatible with any of our keyboard and mouse options.

The track will be mounted partly to the desk and partly to the corner sleeve. The tray will not protrude past the corner sleeve and when you tuck it under the desk it will not show.

Drawing for Humansclae DE200 or DE250 Corner Sleeve

DE200 fits desks 1" to 1.5" thick

DE250 fits desks 1.5" to 2.5" thick

Model DE200 or DE250
Manufacturer Humanscale
Part Number DE200 or DE250
Thickness DE200: 1"-1.5" thick, DE250: 1.5"-2.5" thick
Diameter 16"
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