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GoldTouch GT9-0017L SlimLine Left Handed Mouse Platform Black

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GoldTouch GT9 0017L SlimLine Left Handed Mouse Platform Black

GoldTouch GT9-0017 SlimLine Right Handed Mouse Platform Black

of GoldTouch GT9-0017L:

The unique design of the left handed Goldtouch Slimline Mousing Platform allows users to mouse in greater comfort. The mousing platform is designed to better protect your hand and wrist from hard surfaces and ensure that you’re in maximum mousing comfort.

Benefits of GoldTouch GT9 0017L:

The SlimLine Mousing Platform is made of dual textured stress-dispersing gel, with a black Lycra cover to provide excellent track-ability.

Specifications of GoldTouch GT9-0017L:


Depth: 1/3"

Width: 8.5"

Height: 10"

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Model GT9-0017L
Manufacturer GoldTouch
Part Number GT9-0017L
UPC 183238000612
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