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GoldTouch GT8-0017 SlimLine Wrist Rests

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GoldTouch GT8-0017 SlimLine Wrist Rests

GoldTouch GT8-0017 SlimLine Wrist Rests

of GoldTouch GT8-0017:

Made from durable gel and smooth lycra, Goldtouch SlimLine Wrist Rest provides a cushion for typists using today's thinner full-sized and mini keyboards.

Benefits of GoldTouch GT8-0017:

When typing with your wrists against a hard surface, considerable pressure is applied to the wrist.  By supporting the wrist on a soft, cushioned surface, this pressure is reduced to prevent damage .

Specifications of GoldTouch GT8-0017:


Depth: 76 mm

Width: 406 mm

Height: 10 mm

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Model GT8-0017
Manufacturer GoldTouch
Part Number GT8-0017
UPC 183238000599
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