$224.00 USD
104 - Vista Black
124 - Sliver


Turn your Winston Workstation into an ideal solution for the active workplace. Innovative 8501 laptop holder kit combines our Winston sit-stand Workstation with an articulating laptop arm and tray, so mobile users can take advantage of standing in the workplace while remaining on-the-go. To use Winston Workstation with the laptop holder kit, please order this item in addition to your Winston unit to create this combination.


  • Laptop holder kit includes an arm mount, laptop tray, and a 14" pole mount.

  • Laptop holder easily attaches to the Winston Workstation beam, accommodating mobile users.

  • To use a laptop with Winston Workstation, please order the laptop holder kit in addition to the Winston Workstation base unit.


Model 8501
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number 8501
Color 104 - Vista Black, 124 - Silver
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